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We are one of the most reliable watermelon seeds suppliers that are widely much-admired by the clients. Our range of Watermelon Seeds is exceedingly nutritious and is known for its rich taste. Free from preservatives and contaminants, the Watermelon Seeds offered by us are high on demand in the market. Besides, these seeds can be availed at the most competitive prices. Krishna Industries are well-reputed amidst the trusted Watermelon Seeds Suppliers as of India. Various national as well as international clients are placing bulk orders for the Water Melon Seeds due to the unmatched quality and freshness. The Organic Watermelon Seeds are widely used for the garnishing of various bakery products. Additionally, the Watermelon Seed Kernels, both hulled & whole are packed into conventional packs.

As watermelon seeds suppliers we are providing following qualities:

  • Safe to consume
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Fresh
  • Pure
  • Light weight
  • Free from chemicals


We are best watermelon seeds suppliers as watermelon seeds that we supplies are rich in fat and protein and are highly demanded by the clients. The Watermelon seeds act as a taste-enhancing agent in all types of cooked food. The Watermelon seeds are a very good and eatable for nutrition of human body, a very soothing food for stomach and can be consumed directly without any cooking process.

As watermelon seeds suppliers we supplying seeds to the following client like:

  • In Preparation of gravy for food. 
  • Used by biscuits producers as Ingredients for high protein biscuits.
  • Used in Body lotion oil.
  • Dry fruits in sweets substitute.
  • Char magaz.
  • Use as spices. 


Being a quality-driven organization, we maintain high quality standards while carrying out the production process. Aswatermelon seeds suppliers we produced as per the guidelines of concerned authorities and are completely free from impurities. Additionally, we ensure that the products are provided in superior grade packaging materials so that their quality remains intact. We have always offered the best quality Agro Seeds at the most affordable rates and that is why out client base is increasing in number. To know more and get the detail information contact us.


Product description / data

product name Water Melon seed kernels
 quality 99.95% pure, re-cleaned
 Origin India
 Article number 1280107
 Statistical number 12079999
 Storage conditions  dry and cool, between 5 and 15 C
 shelf life 12 months in original packaging
 Intended use human consumption. product is destined as ingredient for the ue in foodstuffs for the bakery industry e.g.. ( it is adviable that product will be heated over 100 C prior to direct ue )
 packing multi – layer paper bags of 25kg
 label batch nr., production date, expiry date, product name, weight and possible order nr.
 Quantity per pallet block ( 100x120cm )     Euro (80x120cm)
40x25kg                                 30-33 x 25 kg

Physical parmeters

form seed
 purity description 99.95%
 foreign parts the raw material should practically be free from foreign matters. We do our utmost to avoid presence of glass and metal ( Fe, Stainless steel and non Fe), wood, plastic, stones and weed seeds .
 margin 100% minus margin
Colourbeige, white
tastenutty, full flavour
smellfresh, not musty

Average nutritional value per 100 g

energy2479 kl/598 kcal
carbohydrates2,8 g
dietary fibre2g

Chemical parameters

moisture‘<‘ 6% (average)
aflatoxin B1‘<‘ 2 µ/kg
sum of B1, B2, G1, G2‘<‘ 4µ/kg
pb‘<‘ 0,20 ppm
Cd‘<‘0,20 ppm

Microbiological parameters ( target value, not a legal value *)

total plate count<1.000.000 cfu /g *
moulds< 10.000 cfu/g*
yeasts< 10.000 cfu/g*
enterobacteriaceae< 100.000 cfu/g*
salmonellaabsent in 25g ( EC regulation 2073/2005)
escherichia coli< 100 cfu /g*


GMO - declaration

To the best of our knowledge we herewith state that this article is GMO free, as far a we know no GMO- seeding material are used to grow our products.

System of control

description/methodincoming, organoleptic inspection and/or laboratory test
frequencyincoming inspection at arrival of every parcel at our warehouse

Allergy information

Leda code GS1 code Leda code GS1 code
 1.1 Wheat UW 8.7 Pistachio nuts ST
 1.2 Rye NR 8.8 Macadamia (queensland nuts) SM
 1.3 Barley GB 8.9 Nuts AN
 1.4 Oats GO 9 Celery BC
 1.5 Spelt GS 10.0 Mustrud BM
 1.6 Kamut Gk 11.0 Sesame AS
 1 Gluten AW 12.0 Sulper dioxide and sulphites* AU
 2.0 Crustaceans AC 13.0 Lupin Nl
 Egg AE 14.0 Molluscs UM
 4.0 Fish AF Addtional allergenens 
 5.0 Peanuts AP 20.0 Lactose –  ML
 6.0 Soy AY 21.0 Cocoa NC
 7.0 Cow Milk AM 22.0 Glutamate (E620-E625) MG
 8.1 Almonds SA 23.0 Chicken meat MK
 8.2 Hazelnuts SH 24.0 Coriander NK
 8.3 Walnuts <HW/td> 25.0 Corn / Maize NM
 8.4 Cashews SC 26.0 Legumes NP
 8.5 Pecan nuts SP 27.0 Beef MC
 8.6 Brazil Nuts SR 28.0 Pork MP
   29.0 CarrotsNW


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