Punica Granatum


Punica granatum is the vegetative name of our pomegranate peel.

Our pomegranate peel powder possesses numerous therapeutic nutritional value advantages. It is helpful in diabetes, battles tumor, protects brain, liver and heart against oxidative anxiety and degenerative infections as well as helpful in oral condition. Our range has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, which makes it appropriate in curing numerous infections. The pomegranate peel powder has improved total phenols and dietary fibers. It also has considerable enhancement in potassium, zinc, calcium and iron levels. This supports recovery, helps assimilation of food and in addition, is a medicine for the liver. It comes with cancer prevention agents and could be used as a potent additive in sustenances alongside medicines. In all actuality, our pomegranate peel power has exceeding anti-oxidants contrasted with arils. It additionally provides anti-bacterial process.

Health Benefits:

  • Battles Rashes, Acne And Pimples
  • Detoxify The Body
  • Battles Against Aging And Wrinkles
  • Cures Coughs And Sore Throats
  • Works As A Characteristic Lotion
  • Useful Sun Hinder Agent
  • Battles Against Tumors
  • Acts As A Common Sunscreen
  • Stops Loss Of Hair And Averts Dandruff
  • Phenomenal Home Treatment For Sore Throat
  • Includes Vitamin C In Abundance
  • Battles Against Heart Ailments
  • Enhances Dental Cleanliness
  • Useful For Your Teeth
  • Increases Strength Of Bones
  • Enhances Gut-Health


  • Our peels that are prepared from pomegranate fruits are utilized to make some toothpastes and tooth powders.
  • These peels can become meals for cattle as a supplement to their routine feed to produce greater antioxidant quantity in the meat.
  • Arid peels are generally utilized in simultaneousness with tulsi and ginger leaves to make a home remedy for curing cough.
  • Our peels are widely used to color fabrics or to add them in dyes.
  • The extract from our range of peels depicts the feasible promise for balancing sunflower oil (antioxidant content).
  • Peels are incorporated in several facial care items in the form of powder.
  • Various countries utilized parched peels in their cooking.
  • Dried peels many also be utilized in tea.

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