Rubia Cordifolia

Manjistha dates back to the Vedic period as described in the Atreya Aranyaka. It has been used as a coloring agent since time immemorial to dye clothes. However ancient Ayurvedic texts emphasized its role in healthcare.

The Important Functions of Manjistha Are:

  • Blood purifier – useful in skin diseases.
  • Blood cleanser – clears off toxins like uric acid, very useful in gout.
  • Tones up blood vessels, strengthens vascular system.

Benefits of Manjistha Powder:

  • Removes natural toxins and excess heat from the blood
  • Supports healthy skin and a clear complexion
  • Supports proper function of the liver and kidneys
  • Excellent for reducing pitta and kapha
  • Maintains clear channels in the body, supporting the healthy flow of blood and urine

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