Terminalia Arjuna

Arjuna tree need fertile land to grow. It is found in east and south Asia. It is an ideal antioxidant. It has its suppressive role to lower down the cholesterol in blood. So it is used in cardiovascular disorders. It is used for asthma and kidney stones. It is good for digestion, eyesight, memory power, to maintain proper function of prostate gland and help in detoxification of body. Due to high therapeutic value of terminalia arjuna it is used in many health disorders of domestic as well s wild animals.

  • as antioxidants
  • To increase blood circulation
  • in anti-cancer drugs
  • to cure kidney stone
  • for respiratory disorders
  • in body shampoos of pets


Been very conscious about quality control we adopt advance techniques at all level of production. Our photochemistry laboratory includes facilities for accurate processes to derive extracts from plants. Being leading botanical extracts manufacturer, we offer premium quality extracts from specially selected herbs. Having good healing properties, terminalia arjuna is used to treat various skin disorders and and for healing the wounds. It has good property to heal wounds. It is very effective in its diuretic properties. It helps to reduce clot formation. It also makes balance of lipid levels in blood. It is good for normal function of prostate gland. It is used to decrease the effects of toxin. Regular intake is beneficial for eyesight and digestion.

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