Rauwolfia Serpentina


This plant is used medicinally both in the Modern Western Medical system and also in Ayurveda, unani and folk medicine. It helps to reduce blood pressure, depresses activity of central nervous system and acts as a hypnotic. Snakeroot depletes catecholamines and serotonin from nerves in central nervous system. Refined snakeroot has been used extensively in recent years to treat hypertension.

Animal studies suggest snakeroot may be usefull in Snake-bite, Rheumatism, Hypertensive, Poisons, Insanity, Epilepsy, Eczema. Leaves used in removal of opacities of the cornea. Indian Snakeroot is used to reduce fevers, promote menstruation and treat diarrhea and dysentery. It is also used as a remedy for anxiety, abnormal muscle tension, twitching, fever, diarrhoea, general weakness, constipation, intestinal diseases, liver problems, rheumatism, water retention and mental disorders.

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