Grade Specification

The following table elucidates the stringent trade specifications for whole and ground turmeric.

Important turmeric trade requirements

After harvesting proper care should be taken in consideration with the trade requirements. The major important attributes which should be kept in mind at the time of harvesting and storing are as follows:

Grade specifications

Grade designations and definitions of quality of Turmeric Finger :

Special Characteristics

Grade DesignationFlexibility*pieces % by weight (max)Foreig n % by weight ( max)Chura and defective bulbs % by weight(ma x)%of bulbs by weigh t (max)Admixtur e varieties of turmeric (%)
SpecialShould be hard to touch and break with metallic twang21.00.52.0
Rajapore Special31.
Allepey goodShould be hard to touch51.03.04.0

* Pieces are fingers, broken or whole, 15 mm. Or less in length. Grade designation and definition of quality of Turmeric Ground :

Special Characteristics

Grade DesignationMoisture % by weight (max)Total ash % by weight (max)Lead as (Pb) parts per million (max)Starc h % by weigh t (max)Chromat e testAcid insolubl e ash, % by weight (max)
Standard10.07.02.560.0Negativ e2.5

Per Capita Consumption

After allowing for exports, the per capita consumption works out to about 300-320g head per year, barring small quantities used for medical, cosmetic and religious purposes.

Tracing Turmeric

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