Desiccated Coconut Powder Manufacturer

Shri Hari Industries is an eminent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Desiccated Coconut.  Desiccated Coconut is without garbage, without foreign impurity and smell. with the characteristic smell and taste peculiar to dried coconut.

Bags are whole and pure.

Safety indicators

 Salmonella  Absent in 25 g
Coliforms Absent in 0,01 g
Moulds, CFU/gless than 100
 Pb, mg/kgless than 0,5
 As, mg/kgless than 0,3
 Cd, mg/kg  less than 0,1
 Hg, mg/kg  less than 0,05
 HCH (a, b, g – isomers), mg/kg  0,5
DDT & metabolites, mg/kgless than 0,15
Aflatoxin B1, mg/kgless than 0,005
 SO2 (Е220), g/kg  less than 50
 The specific activity of Cs-137, Bq/kg  less than 370

Dessicated Coconut Powder

Fat content65 to 70%
  Free fatty acid  0. 50 % maximum
 Fine Grade , Medium Grade available
Moisture 13 % maximum
Yeast  less than 10 per gram
Mold less than 10 per gram
Escherichia coli (MPN) Zero per gram
SalmonellaAbsent in 25 grams 
Sulfur dioxide (so2)  Not detected
Ph 6. 85
Color White
Shipping terms
PackingAs per buyer requirements25
Load ability12. 50 mt

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